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About Us

Our company since 2012 is from origin based in the Netherlands as an overall supplier for safety courses and outsourcing our specialism casualty victim players for big safety companies in the Netherlands. Our parent company brand is ZOEKgroep in the Netherlands and is splitted in the brand ZOEKslachtoffers.nl, ZOEKtrainingen.nl

With  lot of experience on the Carrebean and the necessity to get high level first-aid training, we started with our company and courses on the Carrebean islands, in base we started on Curacao.


About Me

My name is André Kemperman (52) and CEO of the ZOEKgroep. On this moment living in the Netherlands, married with Carola and in the meantime having two adult children. I was born in the Netherlands and started my company since 2012. I like the Carrebean culture, climate and local people. All my passion for Curacao is started by my first time holiday on Curacao. In the meantime I've visit Curacao many times and we have idea to move for long time periods in the future to the island.